Markus Sepperer, 2015

Markus Sepperer, 2015

Markus Sepperer M.A.
Wehrgasse 4 / 1 1
1050 Vienna - Austria
+43 (0) 699 10012334


Markus Sepperer was born on April 7 in 1978 in Carinthia, the southernmost district of Austria. Following his first and early passion, which is music, he began to study classical music at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and Vienna Conservatory. Seeking for more contemporary-style education he started to focus on contemporary music and moved on to Leipzig and London for improving in improvisation and avant-garde music.

Since he was early fascinated on visual arts too he started autodidactic to teach himself in photography and when he moved back to Vienna after finishing his music education, he did a three years education in artistic photography in Vienna at FotoK-Wien. Shortly after that he he won a prize at the international Epson Art photo-Award, moreover his work was shown at Art Cologne the same year.

In 2011 he received a Culture Promotional Prize from the Austrian Government for promising young artists. His work was shown internationally in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Macau and Serbia. Besides his career as a visual artist he is working for several contemporary music ensembles and doing electronic music.

Exhibitions / Selection

"Heterotopia", Monat der Fotografie Wien 2016
"HeterUtopia", Organhaus Chongqing 2015
“Downstream the greyscale“, Kunstraum Innichen, 2013/14, Italy
“A.S.A.P – Austro Sino Arts Project “, Left and Right, 2012,
“Downstream the greyscale“, Stadtgalerie Salzburg 2013,
“Downstream the greyscale“, Monat der Fotografie 2012,
„Hands on Urbanism“ Winner Exhibition, 1st Prize at AZW- Photo
competition, Vienna/Austria
“verschichtet global#x3”, Monat der Fotografie 2010,Vienna/Austria
“Migong”, Monat der Fotografie, 2010, Vienna/Austria
“verschichtet-global#x2” Galerie Artbits, 2010, Vienna/Austria
“Crossing Borders” - with HongKong New Music Ensemble, 2009 Hong
Kong, Macau
“Bildetage goes Belgrade” Austrian Artists presented by Bildetage,
“Epson Award winner exhibition”, 2008, Art Cologne/Germany
“The Efemer Project“, 2008, 24/h Sound Performance.